Rector: Ask Me Anything 1

Københavns Universitet
23. april 2019 Ask me anything, Ask Rector

In this video interview the Rector will answer the following questions:

At 0:23: Why should we ask you anything?

At 1:06: Why does the thesis period begin in December and not in February?

At 2:53: What are the University's plans for sustainability?

At 4:35: Why is the University's disability strategy not more ambitious?

At 6:24: Does UCPH provide support to its international employees for taking Danish language courses?

At 7:49: Could we roll back UCPH IT?

At 10:10: Why is the Fiol library closed and what will it take to have it reopen?

At 12:22: What are your visions for the University's efforts to educate teachers for the next generation – like primary and secondary school teachers?

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