Sustainability Lecture: What Greenland can do for the tropical countries

Københavns Universitet
2. maj 2018
This lecture explores if it would be environmentally responsible - or even a remotely good idea - to transport mud from one end of the world to the other, in the hope that Greenland would benefit economically with a new and sustainable industry, while people in the tropics will achieve a new level of wealth, better nutrition, and a brighter future.

Minik Rosing´s research interests include the formation and stabilization of Earth’s continents and the emergence and early evolution of Life. He has found traces of the very earliest life in Greenland. Minik is currently heading a research group on Geobiology at the Natural History Museum of Denmark and is also head of the cross-disciplinary research initiative Greenland Perspective.

The event took place on 12 April 2018 and was moderated by Katherine Richardson, Professor and Leader of the Sustainability Science Centre.